What is being done?‎

Responding to an oil spill and oil fire
There are many things being done to prevent more spills.‎

  • Planning - There is a law that says that the owners of the tanker must have a plan for what ‎they will do in case of a spill. They must have this plan written before ‎any spill occurs.‎

  • Double hulls - the law says that all ships in the United States are required to ‎have a double hull.

  • Liability - the law says that the owners of a boat that spills oil will have to ‎pay $1200 for every ton they spill.‎

  • Spill fund - the law says that the government must collect money ‎from companies that transport oil so if a spill occurs the government ‎can pay for the cleanup.‎

  • Navigation - the Coast Guard must know where the oil tankers ‎can go safely without an oil spill occurring.‎

As you can see there're many things being done to prevent oil spills.‎

If everyone around the world tried to use less oil we would lower the risk ‎of a large spill. If there were a spill we wouldn't be dumping as much oil into ‎the ocean which would mean that there will be fewer animals killed or injured. ‎You can also help decrease oil spills by using less electricity and gasoline ‎which are both made with oil.‎

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