What effects do oil spills have on animals?

environmental-disaster-oil-spill1.jpgBirds die from oil spills if their feathers are covered in oil. The bird will be poisoned because it will try to clean itself.

Animals may die because they get hypothermia (very cold), causing their body temperature to become really low. They may die from having a really low body temperature.

Oil may also be the cause of death of an animal by entering its lungs, stomach or liver. The animal will them be poisoned by the oil. Oil can also kill an animal by blinding it. The animal will not be able to see and so will not be aware of their predators. If they are not aware of other animals, they may be eaten.

Oil spills are sometimes the reason for animals becoming endangered. This means that the numbers of a certain type of animal get so small that it is in danger of becoming extinct.

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