Global Warmers

1. What's the problem?

2. How can we help?

3. More helpful ideas

What's the problem?


The Earth is kept warm by the heat of the sun, and the atmosphere controls the Earth's temperature. This relationship is under threat. The atmosphere is being polluted with gases that trap more heat from the Earth. This means that the Earth's temperature is rising. This is global warming.

Over the past 100 years humans have used lots fossil fuels such as Coal and Oil. Burning these fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which affects the our climate through global warming.

Some of the effects of climate change caused by global warming include:

  • More severe weather events, including droughts, floods and hurricanes such as Hurricane Katrina
  • Rising sea levels, leading to loss of coastal lands which are home to hundreds of millions of people
  • More deaths from the spread of diseases
  • Crop failures which means less food for the world.
  • Animals lose their homes because they can not live in the environment because of the changes

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How can we help?

Spend less time under the shower
  • Showers are the biggest users of hot water in the home. Install a showerhead that limits the amount of water you use. This can help reduce global warming.

See the light and save money
  • Install energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps.

Save your money by turning it off
  • Switch off lights and appliances when they're not needed, especially those which have a standby setting. So switch off the appliance to save some energy, switch off at the powerpoint to save even more.

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More helpful ideas

Leave the car behind
  • You can help stop global warming by using your legs, bicycles or public transport.

Go easy on the airconditioning
  • If you have air conditioning or heating use it only when you have too. Insulation and curtains go a long way in helping to maintain house temperatures.

Use a solar powered clothes dryer
  • By drying your clothes on a Hills Hoist you will save money and make your clothes last longer.

Don't waste your waste
  • Try to compost food waste instead of sending it to a landfill(dump).

Great things to do that take a little planning

Wrap your house in a blanket
  • Make your home more pleasant to live in and reduce your need for home heating and cooling and by installing insulation & draught-sealing. A well insulated home is up to 10°C warmer in winter and up to 7°C cooler in summer.

Use the sun to heat your water
  • Put solar heating on your roof to heat your water.

Appliances - go for the stars
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances.

Get you own water supply
  • Use a rainwater tank and recycle your greywater( water from your washing machine) for your garden.

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